About us

Jenny’s Jems came to life in 2016 when I received a birthday present that I would have never bough for myself. It started with simple paper crafts of invitations and party decorations and grew to tee shirts, wooden signs, acrylic cups, and anything else I attempted to create.

In 2018, I was asked by a couple people to try making custom glitter tumblers and it completely took off from there, as they were beginning to become very popular. Although I loved making the wooden signs and still make them, the glitter and sparkle was so captivating! I also enjoyed that each tumbler had it’s own little personality and no two were exactly alike. A customer would send me an idea that they had and I was able to turn it in to a product they could hold in their hands.

When you get a product from me, please know that it is made with hard work, attention to detail, and dedication. I take much pride in the work that I do and I want my customers to love their Jems as much as I enjoy making them. Yes, you may find small flaws here and there, because these are handmade by me and not a machine, but just know that I strive for perfection and want to put out the best product that I can. Thank you so much to all of our loyal customers for all of your support and love!