What Is The Average Turn Around Time?

On average, the turn around time for a fully custom cup (Tru-Kustom) it takes about 10-14 days once design has been finalized.

Can They Be Put In A Dishwasher?

Unfortunately not, the high heat that dishwashers emit during washing cycle can cause cups to crack. Handwashing is highly recommended & every cup comes with a care card with instructions on how to care for your Jem.

Are Your Tumblers Just For Cold Drinks?

All of our stainless steel tumblers are permitted for both hot and cold drinks. Cold drinks stay cold for about 24 hours and hot drinks stay warm about 8 hours.

Can The Cups Be Left In The Car?

Just as the dishwasher produces high heat, the sun has the same effect so we at Jenny’s Jems advise that they not be left in extreme temperatures.

Is The Coating Shatter Proof?

The final coating applied to the stainless steel cups are shatter resistant but not shatter proof